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Museum appreciative of support

A birds-eye view of Maryfield Tram Depot forecourt

The trustees and director of Dundee Museum of Transport have been overwhelmed by the response given to their recently launched Crowdfunder campaign.

On reaching their initial target of £25,000 in only two weeks they are hugely appreciative of everyone who has made a donation to help restore the damaged brickwork at Maryfield Tram Depot.

With these funds guaranteed, along with around £5700 in gift aid, the Museum has now set a stretch target of £40,000 and is asking their generous supporters to help them spread the word to raise even more to contribute to the cost to restore the significant historical landmark.

The total cost of restoring the brickwork in the 1901 building is estimated at £99,000 with the funds raised through this campaign making a significant contribution towards this. The overall cost of the restoration is expected to be around £5.5 million and the Museum is actively working to secure wider funding.

Museum Executive Director Paul Jennings, said “It’s incredible to think that this building has stood for over 120 years and with the support of the public and a range of wider funders, there is no reason why it couldn’t stand for another 120-plus years!”

Gift a brick for Christmas!

By supporting Dundee Museum of Transport at this time donors will help secure the future of the museum in its own permanent home, as well as playing a part in saving a significant icon of Dundee’s transport heritage.

Donors can choose from a range of rewards which include having their name added to a virtual brick on the Museum’s website to getting an exclusive “hard hat” preview tour of the Tram Depot.

The Crowdfunder campaign will run until 9.30am on Friday 22nd December and the Museum is reaching out once again for the local community to show their and contribute to its future.


Update - 22 December 2023

A massive thank you to everyone who supported our Crowdfunder campaign to raise funds to restore the damaged bricks at Maryfield Tram Depot.


Since the launch in mid November over 500 supporters have helped us raise just over £34,000 including Gift Aid which will all go towards the restoration work to create a permanent home for Dundee Museum of Transport.

If you missed the Crowdfunder campaign you can still make a donation to support our efforts.

Every penny raised will contribute to the costs of restoring the Tram Depot giving you the opportunity to play an important role in the future of this significant historical landmark.

Damaged brickwork at Maryfield Tram Depot


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