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Exciting exhibition visuals released for Maryfield

Exhibition visuals for Maryfield Tram Depot

We’re delighted to let you have the first glimpse of the exciting visuals and initial concept designs created for the exhibition space at Maryfield Tram Depot, the planned permanent home for the museum.

Aiming to bring alive the story of Dundee’s transport history, the new exhibitions will use the museum’s historic collection to its full potential to create a modern museum at the heart of the Maryfield community.

Building on a series of principles, the new museum aims to be a safe and inclusive space with broad audience appeal, engaging future generations to explore the history and future of transport. With a focus on the city, it will celebrate the lives and achievements of Dundonians from the past, present and future. The building’s unique history as a tram and bus depot will also be reflected in its fixtures and fittings.

The visuals, from museum designer Matt Langstaff, offer a glimpse into how the modern displays may look in their new home. Using a combination of artifacts, interactive exhibitions, graphics and audio-visuals, a number of themes are being developed.

Visuals show how pioneers from Dundee have explored the world or have helped others to do so by building exploration and research vessels, telling stories of innovative Dundonians who have developed technology and innovations that have shaped the modern world.

Exhibition visuals for Maryfield Tram Depot

Importing and exporting goods have long been at the heart of Dundee’s industries, and the exhibition concepts share how the transport infrastructure has supported this. The visuals show how transport is integral to the daily lives of Dundee’s residents, telling their personal stories from the past and present through their daily commute whether that be on public transport – trains, trams or buses, or by car or bike.

The initial thematic visualisations demonstrate how the key themes might be displayed across three distinct zones within the renovated tram depot. 3D renders show the entrance hall with the ticket office, café and shop with changing displays and education area; the main thematic space displaying artifacts from the collection alongside interactive exhibitions; and finally, a scenic reconstruction of a Dundee street with shop fronts, buses and commercial vehicles providing an emphasis on nostalgia and reminiscence.

Initial work to deliver the first phase of the renovation work at Maryfield Tram Depot is well underway, and whilst almost £1.5m has been raised to date, the project still has some way to go to meet its £3.5m target. There is an ongoing effort to raise funds and a planned crowdfunding campaign will launch in the autumn.


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