1990 Rover MG Metro 1275cc

It is impossible to replace the irreplaceable but BL’s aim was to produce a contemporary super Mini to supplement the original Mini which continued in production.

The Austin Mini Metro was introduced in 1980 to a swell of patriotic support to buy British.

The Metro was largely based on the Mini with the same range of ‘A’ series engines but clothed in a modern aerodynamic shape and superior interior appointments. With the demise of the MGB sports car in 1980 the MG marque was revived in 1982 with the sporty Metro using that name. These versions provided a very credible sports hatchback which were fun to drive and later the MG name would appear on the sporting versions of the Maestro and Montego as well.

Over 2 million Metros would be built with the latter models badged as Rovers as in this instance.

Metro production lasted from 1980-1998 being outlived by the original Mini.

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