Ford Sierra RS Cosworth

The project was instigated in 1983 by the head of Ford Motorsport to create a competitive competition car. Ford then engaged Cosworth with whom they had a long relationship. Cosworth developed DFV engines for Ford in the sixties and seventies where they were very successful in Formula 1. Using a Ford engine block they improved the performance by fitting a turbocharger and twin overhead camshafts and other modifications to achieve much greater performance.

The Sierra 3 door was selected as the base vehicle and with the lowered suspension and aerodynamic aids such as the strategically places rear spoiler this was a real flying machine. Initially 500 cars had to be manufactured for homologation purposes. Production spanned 1986-1992 with further models such as the Sierra Sapphire 4 door RS Cosworth and the more powerful Sierra RS Cosworth 500.

The Sierra Cosworth was a highly successful car both in rallying and racing providing a ‘Halo’ effect for the rest of the Ford range.

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