Dundee Museum of Transport: Volunteering Information

We are a volunteer-run organisation and depend entirely on the commitment, time and energy of volunteers.

The current volunteering workforce (45 at last count) is organised into a number of volunteering teams, each looking after a different aspect of the museum and its operation. Most volunteers are with one of the following teams :-

  • The Visitor Services Team who look after all aspects of the visitor experience from greeting visitors, ticketing, serving refreshments and explaining the exhibits. They are the face of the museum.
  • The Build Team who are called on when there is anything to make, mend or fit in the museum. They turn their hand to anything from entirely refitting and decorating an exhibit hall to mending a lock.
  • The Restoration Team who are responsible for restoring any vehicles or exhibits.

There are a number of other small teams and individuals who deal with a wide range of tasks including: publicity and advertising, membership and volunteering, health and safety, finance, funding, vehicle storage services, organising events, and the acquisition, archiving and display of exhibits.

And then there is the committee. They are volunteers also and most of them are involved in the above teams and tasks. We try to foster a close-knit relationship between the committee and the rest of the volunteering workforce. Most team leaders are committee members.

Each volunteer has a ‘home’ team that they belong to but it’s not unusual for a member of the build team to man the front desk (in smart overalls) or for the chairman to sweep the floor.

Since opening in April 2014 we have welcomed over 20,000 visitors through the door.  It’s been a busy time for us and we are now at the stage of our development where we are seeking more volunteers. Volunteering opportunities can range from important leadership roles to helping out on a single event or project. We have big challenges ahead and big ambitions. The organisation is young and needs to grow. You could be a part of this.

We are presently recruiting for the following specific roles but are happy to meet and talk to anyone who thinks they have the kind of skills we might be looking for.

Current Volunteering Opportunities

Visitor Services Assistant

We are urgently looking for volunteers to join our Visitor Services team and play an important role in welcoming visitors and helping them to make the most of their visit. Click here for more details

Contact us directly by email to volunteers@dmoft.co.uk or get in touch through our contact page.