New buses 59 years apart

In 1955 Dundee Corporation introduced thirty-five Daimler CVG6 double-deck buses with open rear platforms, mainly to replace withdrawn tram services. Their registration numbers were DYJ431-DYJ440 and ETS960-ETS984. Only one bus of this type still exists and ETS964, fleet number 184, is the oldest bus in the collection of Taybus Vintage Vehicle Society (TVVS), a registered Scottish charity (external link).

In November 2014 Stagecoach Strathtay put into service two New Routemaster buses more commonly seen on the streets of London. These double-deck buses can also be configured to have an open rear platform and are currently operating on the Tayway service between Dundee and Arbroath for a trial period.

Recently the buses were brought together for the first and possibly only time to show just how much bus design has changed over the past 59 years.

(from right to left) 1955 Dundee Corporation Daimler CVG6 ETS964 (fleet number 184) alongside 2014 New Routemasters LTZ1312 (fleet number LT312) and LTZ1313 (fleet number LT313).
TVVS Secretary John Fraser said “We were delighted to receive permission to photograph some of our vintage buses alongside the New Routemasters as this is a chance we are unlikely to get again. We are very grateful to Stagecoach for their continuing support and to everyone who has helped us get the Corporation bus back on the road after being laid-up for a long time at the Scottish Vintage Bus Museum following engine problems. We never cease to be amazed by the public’s reaction when they see it being driven around; it’ll be sixty-years-old next year and we hope to take it to as many local events as possible.”
More photographs of the New Routmasters can be viewed here (external link), alongside three older Taybus buses here (external link) and on the first day of service here (external link).

Event reminder: Running Day Sunday 21 April 2013 11am – 4pm

Dundee Museum of Transport is holding its inaugural Running Day on Sunday 21 April 2013 from 11am to 4pm at our Market Mews premises.

We’ll have an array of classic cars, many other vehicles and the official unveiling of the unique Ailsa Open Top Bus WTS272T, recently restored by Taybus Vintage Vehicle Society (weather permitting!).

This will also be the first chance for the public to view the progress we have made with our temporary premises and refreshments will be available inside as well.

We look forward to meeting as many of you there as possible.

– How to find us:

Dundee Museum of Transport
Units 1-4 Market Mews
Market Street
Dundee DD4 6JE

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Keeping you in the picture

New and updated images have now been added to our website.

In our Exhibits section the Horse-drawn ambulance and Ashford Litter collection features new exterior and interior pictures along with some more of the Ashford Litter.
In our Events photos 2010 section images of the actual Scottish Cup parade from Dundee’s Hilton Hotel to City Square and Tannadice have also been added.

When Dundee United won the Scottish Cup in 1994

On Sunday 22 May 1994, the day after winning the Scottish Cup, thousands of Dundee United supporters lined the streets to welcome the winning team back home.

As is traditional the team travelled in an open-top bus which was part of the Tayside Public Transport fleet. Ailsa bus 300 (WTS272T) was modified by the company in their Maryfield depot in 1983 and is believed to be unique. Like all of Tayside’s coaches this bus was given a name, in this case “Broughty Castle”.

The open-top bus was commonly seen on the City Tour route before leaving the city in 2002 and finishing up with Full Circle tours in Oxford – still named “Broughty Castle”.

The bus was again withdrawn from service and in 2005 it was acquired by the Taybus Vintage Vehicle Society.

Weather permitting the same bus that welcomed the victorious team back home in 1994 will once again bring the Scottish Cup winners back through the city on 16 May 2010.