Entry Fees and Membership Programme Announced!

After months of preparation, we are extremely happy to finally announce details of our entry fees and membership programme! It can be regarded as one of the final pieces in our jigsaw puzzle prior to opening.
As a member of Dundee Museum of Transport you will not only gain free access to the museum but you will also enjoy exclusive benefits as well as becoming a valid contributor and supporter. You will receive a periodic newsletter as well as other benefits which are yet to be announced. Memberships run on a one year basis and are valid up until 31st March 2015. You will also receive your very own DMofT membership card!
Starting from only £15 you will already be making a significant contribution as well as saving you money on your visits and as a bonus, new members who sign up before the 25th April will receive free entry to the Opening Weekend!
The itinerary for Opening Weekend is growing and with over 160 confirmed vehicles attending, it will be a sure-fire unmissable event!

Progress Update 3

Another busy week for us!  The roof has finally be repaired in its entirety and is now watertight again (hurrah!), the majority of the week has been spent on remedial work getting everything back up to standards.

The stairwell leading up to the office block in hall two was extensively water damaged as the heavy rain from a few weeks back somehow managed to make its way through the ceiling and down the walls.  It wasn’t a pretty sight, hence no photo, but it has all been patched up and was repainted this morning.  Phew!

There has been a significant amount of work done behind the scenes and a lot of meetings were had too this week.  Many clubs have been in touch recently regarding the opening weekend and our list has been ever-growing!  We spent quite a bit of time getting everything we had so far together to create an initial floor plan for the weekend, as well as getting all the necessary man power in place to accommodate you all! (Don’t worry, we will definitely have plenty tea’s and coffee’s for everyone).  As soon as we are ready to announce the programme and attending clubs we will announce it on our website and across our social networks.  If you are an interested party looking to exhibit during our open weekend or take part in the “National Drive it Day” outing on the Sunday then please get in touch soon as we are running out of space very quickly!

We have also had a few important meetings with some businesses regarding sponsorship and partnership arrangements… We are staying “hush hush” for now!

Progress has also been made with the membership structure and just today we have finished all of the arrangements with how it will work.  We are happy to announce that memberships will be available to apply for by the opening weekend and we will shortly (hopefully next week) be providing details about how you can become a member and what the benefits are so stay tuned!

That’s all for this week and as ever, stay in touch!

Great news for DMofT

I have now had a letter of confirmation that DMofTs application for membership has now been been approved by the Board of Museums Galleries Scotland.

This is a huge step forward for us in terms of being recognised as a committed and serious group based in Dundee who are determined that this area should have a Transport Museum that will be worthy of our city and is well presented and admired by all who visit it.