Overgate exhibition photographs added to website

A collection of 24 photographs from our extremely successful exhibition at Overgate, Dundee on 2 June 2012 has now been added to our Event photos 2012 section.

This event not only marked the official launch of our new exhibition trailer but allowed us to display many new exhibits acquired and restored by the Museum.

We were also delighted when The Lord Provost’s Youth Parade made a detour though our Overgate display and some photographs of the parade are included in our gallery.

Many thanks to everyone who attended on the day and continue to help us as we strive to open a permanent Transport Museum in the former Maryfield Tram Depot.

Keeping you in the picture

New and updated images have now been added to our website.

In our Exhibits section the Horse-drawn ambulance and Ashford Litter collection features new exterior and interior pictures along with some more of the Ashford Litter.
In our Events photos 2010 section images of the actual Scottish Cup parade from Dundee’s Hilton Hotel to City Square and Tannadice have also been added.

Ashford Litter

The Ashford Litter was invented by Sir John Furley and Paul Headley. It was a covered stretcher on wheels and this allowed the ill patient inside some degree of privacy whilst they were being taken to hospital. 

The stamp celebrating the centenary of the St Johns Ambulance gives some idea of the litters age. 
The inventor was one of the founders of the St Johns Ambulance brigade in 1887 and became President of the Red Cross Society in 1863.

This historic item I am sure will look great when we display it at the museum. There can’t be many left in the world.


Horse Drawn Ambulance (now that’s clever – how did it hold the pencil?)

On Wednesday 9th of June 2010 an intrepid team set off from Bonny Dundee heading to The Granite city to Reclaim a relic of Dundee’s past for our Museum. Or was that an Insipid team?

Anyway we got there and trailered back a horse drawn Ambulance dating from the 1880s. It is in not too bad condition considering it had been left out in the elements for the past two years with only a torn tarp for protection.

We have spoken today to the Conservators at Dundee Museum and they will come to offer us advice on it’s Restoration.

More images can be viewed in our Exhibits Gallery.