Exhibit: Ford Model A Roadster

Now on display for 2019 / early 2020 is the Model A Ford. Launched in December 2nd 1927 after nineteen years in production, the first showing was a complete success, with more than ten million people making their way to see the car within a day and a half of its release, and half a million orders being placed by Christmas to Ford dealers.

The Model A had been a response to the declining sales of the Model T. The search for a modern car that would be able to compete with General Motors and Chrysler lead Ford to such significant improvements as an electric starter, four wheel mechanically activated drum brakes, a simple gearshift, hydraulic shock absorbers, and an astounding 3.3 litre 4 cylinder engine that could out accelerate its rivals and cruise all day at fifty five miles per hour. Some attention had also been given to safety and comfort, leading the Model A to have safety glass windscreen, a higher amount of rubber insulation, so as to make each car ride a quieter and less bumpy affair, and dicky seat, namely an exterior seat which would fold into the rear of the car.

All these improvements, together with a very competitive price, revived Ford’s fortunes and worked out against its main rival Chevrolet, with over 4.5m being produced before finally being replaced in 1932 by the Model B and the V8.



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