Renault Twizy


The Renault Twizy is a battery-powered electric city car designed and marketed by Renault. Twizys are completely built by hand by some of the highest paid workers in the world at Renault’s Z.E. (zero emissions) facility in Valladolid, Spain.

Electric cars are likely to become the most used types of vehicles in the future. They use stored chemical energy just like a conventional car but they release this energy electrochemically without any kind of combustion. There’s no burning of fuel, no air pollution from the tailpipe; no emissions of any kind are produced by the car itself once it is on the road.

The Twizy was the top-selling plug-in electric vehicle in Europe during 2012. Renault’s target of selling 15,000 Twizys worldwide was achieved in April 2015.



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