Press Release: Transport Museum Secures Major Funding from Local Trust

Dundee Museum of Transport has today (Thursday 31st March 2016) announced the first fruits of its fundraising drive, with confirmation of a £80,000 grant.

The Mathew Trust, based in Dundee, aims to support individuals into employment.  Its grant will fund a new Museum Director and a consultancy post for two years to carry the project forward.

Dundee Museum of Transport’s Chairman, Jimmy McDonell said: “We are extremely privileged to have been offered this grant from the Mathew Trust- it will allow us to carry the project forward by bringing in the expertise we need to make the very best of this opportunity that we have.

“We would like to thank the Mathew Trust for showing their support in such a spectacular way, and we are looking forward to announcing further financial support over the coming months.”

David Martin,Fotopress,Dundee Dundee Museum of Transport secures £80,000 grant from The Mathew Trust,based in Dundee. PIC- Lto R. VIPS etc at announcement Don Ridgway,Chris Law[MP],Shona Robison,Joe Fitzpatrick,Lord Provost Bob Duncan, Jimmy McDonell,Chairman of Dundee Museum of Transport ,Matthew Jackson,Museum of Transport,and Fraser MacPherson,Councillor
David Martin, Fotopress Lto R. Don Ridgway, Chris Law, Shona Robison, Joe Fitzpatrick, Lord Provost Bob Duncan, Jimmy McDonell [Dundee Museum of Transport] , Matthew Jackson [Dundee Museum of Transport] and Fraser MacPherson [Councillor]

The Museum opened its current premises to critical acclaim in 2014, achieving a three-star VisitScotland rating and Certificate of Excellence from TripAdvisor in its first year alone.

Led solely by volunteers, museum bosses have heralded the recent success and are driving the project forward in their quest to seek nearly £5 million to redevelop their Maryfield Tram Depot into a fully restored national visitor attraction.

Jim Clarkson, Regional Director at VisitScotland added, “This £80,000 grant from the Mathew Trust will help Dundee Museum of Transport continue its programme of improvement at a time when the city is undergoing some exciting changes, particularly in terms of the Waterfront Development.”

“In Scotland’s Year of Innovation, Architecture and Design, the grant will help Dundee Museum of Transport remain an exciting part of the city’s tourism offering, boosting the visitor economy in the process.”

Dundee Museum of Transport begins its Summer 2016 season next month and is currently open from Tuesday to Sunday, 10.30am to 3.30pm at its temporary Market Street premises.

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