Proposal Successful at Dundee Museum of Transport!

Huge congratulations from all at Dundee Museum of Transport go out to Scott McConville and Natalie Hill from Airdrie who got engaged in the museum, yesterday afternoon, after Scott proposed inside our classic Mini!

What was the story?  Read on to find out…

Scott had phoned us last week asking if he could propose to his girlfriend; so yesterday they both turned up.  Scott quickly came into the museum and handed our volunteer, Sheena, a ring in its box for her to place in the Mini where he intended to propose to Natalie.  Out of all the cars in the museum, Scott chose the Mini as he has a Mini albeit a BMW version.
Once Scott had paid the entrance fee keeping up the appearance that it was a normal day at the museum, I made the excuse that the best way to view the museum was to start at hall three and work their way back to hall one. This gave Sheena time to set up the Mini.
 “Out of all the cars, Scott chose the Mini” 
Scott who has been known to trail Natalie round various transport museums around the country played his part well taking numerous photographs of the vehicles while Natalie’s teeth chattered in the cold halls (it does get cold in winter, we’ll admit that now!).
When they entered our main hall, Scott (clearly nervous by this point) took the long route to the Mini.  Not wanting to intrude, Sheena stayed out of sight but she could hear Scott trying to encourage Natalie to sit in the Mini so that she could find the ring (she took a bit of encouragement from Scott).
However, all was well and once Sheena knew the proposal had been accepted she invited Scott and Natalie into the café for a little glass of bubbly (Irn Bru for Scott as he was driving).
 “The ring was a perfect fit” 
The ring was a perfect fit, which was all down to a lot of research by Scott who consulted Natalie’s Gran on a number of occasions (who is the go-to woman for all things jewellery in the family) and on the third attempt they thought the ring was the correct size.
After phoning round the relatives to tell them the good news, Scott just had to have a good look at the cars again with one of his favourites being the Cosworth.

A massive congratulations, once again, and good luck for the future!

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