Steam Weekend & Maryfield Update

Stuck for something to do this weekend? Come to our end-of-season Steam Weekend here at Market Mews! We will having a working railway as well as a pop up shop so if you are yet to visit us then now’s the time!

 Wondering what’s happened about Maryfield Tram Depot? Don’t worry folks, we have been wondering too.

This summer has been extremely long-winded, however the end is in sight and our bid is in the hands of Scottish Water (wasn’t it originally I hear you ask? – nope, just a whole bunch of middle-men!).

They have told us directly that we will hear within the next two weeks… We can only hope that they keep their word and this remains the case towards a positive outcome!

2 thoughts on “Steam Weekend & Maryfield Update

  1. Still no word of the Maryfield bid?

    Also it would be nice to have some photos on line of the steam weekend for those members that live away from Dundee and cannot get to the museum as often as they would wish! A website is not much use if it is not kept up to date – this one is good but could do with more updates!!

    1. Thanks for your comments.

      With regard to Maryfield we are hoping that no news is good news although it could be in to 2015 before things become clearer.

      Unfortunately no photographs of the steam weekend have currently been made available hence the lack of images on the website.

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