The games afoot !!!

There has been quite a bit going on since the committee had a very enlightening and informative meeting with Jack Searle and two other members of the Dundee Civic Trust on 13th April 2010. Mr Searle was concerned that as yet we did not have a business plan in place and we to be fair did agree, but as usual these things come down to money.

So it was with great surprise we noticed an article in the Dundee Courier saying “Tourism cash on offer to crowd pulling schemes.” We phoned the number and spoke to a lovely lady called Alison Smith from Angus Council who told us we could apply for money to have a business plan professionally made up and she would send me the forms to fill in.

This has now been done along with the revamped constitution and application form for OSCR to receive our charity status are all winging there way to the people concerned and I am putting in a claim for new pens.

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