1930 Angus Council Fowler DNA Road Roller: restored

Dundee Museum of Transport became joint custodian of this Angus “Fowler” steam powered road roller in 2011. “King o’ the Road”, registration SR7512, works number 18295, is one of just four surviving examples and for years had been maintained by former roadman Arthur Joss and his son Andrew. The roller has had limited outings at events such as the Angus Show and Seafront Spectacular at Arbroath and recently underwent a once-every-10-years major stripdown and £2000 rebuild. Dundee Museum of Transport, Andrew Joss and S&D Taylor Haulage will combine their resources and prepare, deliver and exhibit the roller at agreed events annually subject to weather conditions.

On Saturday 4 May 2013 the steam roller was moved to our temporary premises at Market Mews. Arriving on a low-loader it had to be carefully offloaded and then manoeuvred into our second exhibition hall where work would commence to getting it ready for the rally season.

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  • 01lowloader
  • 02pushed1
  • 03pushed2
  • 04steering
  • 05inplace
  • 06illuminatedside
  • 07illuminatedclose
  • 08illuminatedfront
  • 09topview

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