Dundee Buses in the 20th Century: First and last

Continuing our theme of Dundee Buses in the 20th Century here’s another two great photographs showing the first trolley bus in 1912 and the last double decker bus Tayside bought in 1989.
Dundee was the first Scottish city, and one of the first in Britain, to operate a trolley bus service. It ran from 5 September 1912 until 13 May 1914, although at that time they were actually known as “railless trolley cars”. Two trolley buses, numbered 67 and 68, operated the short 1.25 mile experimental route between Strathmartine Road and Forfar Road. Instead of being guided by rails they had solid wheels which allowed them greater freedom of movement as long as they didn’t stray too far from the pair of overhead power lines. The trolley buses were nicknamed “The Stouries” because of all the dust from their solid wheels on the generally poor road surface in dry weather. The experimental service only lasted for 20 months due to a combination of low demand and damage to the road surface. Trolley buses 67 and 68 saw further service in Halifax after the war. Pictured is a front view of trolley bus, or car, number 67 at the east end of Clepington Road with its driver and conductor looking on. COURTESY OF THE EVENING TELEGRAPH, DUNDEE (ORDER REFERENCE DMOT19). COPIES CAN BE PURCHASED AT ALBERT SQUARE, DUNDEE, ANY BRANCH OFFICE OR BY TELEPHONING 01382 575 002. ANOTHER VIEW OF THIS TROLLEYBUS IS ALSO AVAILABLE (ORDER REFERENCE DMOT20).
Pictured in Panmure Street, near Dundee High School, in 1996 is Alexander bodied Volvo Citybus fleet number 105 G105PES, the final bus of fifteen that entered service in November 1989. Although Tayside bought more single deckers this was numerically their final double deck bus. This is also the final Tayside Buses livery and fleet name style with a greyhound leaping between the two words. COURTESY: TAYBUS VINTAGE VEHICLE SOCIETY (TVVS) PHOTOGRAPH COLLECTION. Click here to view the Taybus website

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